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Who here has a Pontiac G8 GT?

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Apr 16, 2000
Originally posted by: Saga
The wife drives a 07 G8 GT, and has a 02 TA in the garage. =P

I just have the truck and the Subaru DD.
It's not so bad unless she doesn't allow you to play with her toys.

The G8 GT is definitely what I am getting as soon as I am done with the truck (don't need it anymore and if we need one, the wife's dad lives close by and we can borrow his).

With just a ECS tune, the drivetrain really wakes up and the power is put up there with the GXP for far less money. $300-400 in fact depending on who you get to do the tune.
Pre tune, they put out around 295 rwhp. After tune some hit 345 rwhp with NO other mods.
Awesome gains for the cash spent.


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Mar 20, 2000
great suspension, a monster motor, and a look that isn't fat like the charger.