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who believes in consumer reports?

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Double Trouble

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Oct 9, 1999
Nobody is an expert on everything (despite what you think Ornery :p). when you are not an expert on something, and you have to make a purchasing decision, what's wrong with going by the expertise of others? Not everyone has the time to go research everything to find the absolute best out there, the time I spend doing research is more valuable than the money I save by doing that research, assuming I get a decent and fair review from something like CR.

Tiger gave a good example. Sure, your sister could have saved some bucks by building the system herself. Would it be worth it for her to become an expert on everything PC just so she could build one? Nope. She could have asked you (presumably an expert), or she could simply go by what CR said -- either way she got a decent system. Not everyone has an expert in every field handy all the time.

How about something simple like batteries? I was browsing through an issue of CR, and they did a review on batteries. As it turns out, the 'name brand' batteries fare absolutely no better (endurance or performance-wise) over the 'generic'. CR advises that you purchase the lowest priced generics (rayo-vac instead of Duracell or Energizer). That saves you 40% on batteries. What's wrong with that??


Jun 30, 2000
As a mother, I do not take anyone's word on a product...no matter if it's CR or even my mother-in-law. For day to day items, I try them out for myself before I'll use them for my family. However, a lot of people would prefer to read a review and go by the results. For those individuals, CR and other similar publications and web sites really do offer a valuable service.



Oct 9, 1999
I still need a dang roof and mattress! Two things that are big ticket items to me. And I'm not so sure CR is up to either task. Well, not the roofing part anyway. ;)

Come to think of it, the mattress stuff ought to be right up their alley. I wonder what they have to say?