White House Sends Clear Warning to Taiwain on Independance Referendum


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Feb 5, 2001
the link takes us to the n.y. times.

the policy on this issue is divided against itself. they drop one ambiguity and replace it with another. finally coming out
with full enforcement of the one-china policy in time for wen's visit isn't exactly principled, and equating taiwan's legislative
efforts with china threats of military force as 'coercion' is ridiculous.


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Jun 22, 2003
If we truly advocate the principles we stand for, liberty, freedom, etc. we will let this decision be up to the Tiawanese themselves. The island has been functioning as a soverign, independent government for some time now. It is not that big of a leap to be indepednent of China proper, regardless of any "terretorial claims" China may or may not have. The US should be supporting Tiawan on this issue, not red China. Normally I support the foreign policy of the US, but this is just hypocritical to promote freedom and yet to tell Tiawan they cannot have it.


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Jul 30, 2003
Syzygy, mucho thanks for pointing out that this really is an N.Y. Times link. I interpret what you said as acknowledging that there is a new policy toward Taiwan. I agree.

Hey, for all of you guys who think that Bush bashing is the only item on the agenda, as richly deserved as Bush bashing is, this was a shrewd decision. In my opinion, it acknowledges reality and takes a step toward it.