Where is my system noise coming from?


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Jul 1, 2002
My computer is pretty loud at idle. I'm not really sure what's making all the fan noise. I unplugged all my case fans but that didn't do much. My ENERMAX EG465P-VE 431W power supply fan isn't spinning (auto-off because the comp temps aren't high enough?). The only thing i can think of is either 1) My stock intel fan or 2) my MSI GF4 Ti4400. If i had to guess i'd say #2 but the sound seems like it's coming from the higher up (closer to the PSU). That can't be the case if the fan is off, or can it? I could be wrong. My hearing isn't so great. I'd really like to figure out how to quiet this thing down. In the fall I plan to have it running 24/7 so it would be a lot easier to sleep next to it if it wasn't so loud. My dad has a 2.4GHZ Dell that is perfectly quiet and I don't see any reason why mine shouldn't be...

Intel p4 2.26GHZ (Epox 4g4a+) with retail HSF
MSI GF4 4400 128MB
2 WD 80GB w/ 8mb cache
Lian Li pc65 case


Apr 17, 2002
i say the retail HSF contributes but it's the video card that's noisy.

i know by saying switching the GF4 4400 to a passive-cooled video card (such as a GF4 MX) sounds stupid but if they don't have a fan there is no noise.

also remember good air flow= more noise


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Oct 25, 2001
the EG465P-VE by Enermax does not turn it's fans (yes, there are two... not one as you mention) all the way off.
At least not the two that I own and are operating in my computers even as we speak.

In my computers, it is these power supply fans which make nearly all of my noise.
I crunch so my fans always run full speed, but even on a cold start, they are pretty windy.




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Apr 4, 2001
I've had my PNY GF4 Ti4200 for about 6 months and the fan is starting to go, it rattles. Here's a replacement for the whole thing if that's what you need. You wouldn't have to change the ram sinks and the other piece should be easy. this new one is still 29db, not exactly silent, but probably better than a failing fan. Try briefly and carefully stopping the GF fan and see if that's the source of most of the noise. Press on the middle of the fan.