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"Where do they get young men like this??

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Sep 22, 2001
Originally posted by: BaliBabyDoc
So when did the moderators start posting dribble . . .

Take a week off!
You should suspend the week. The minute he logs in here the average IQ in this forum goes up by 50 points. This thread should have been locked as soon as we found out it was hoax.



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Nov 2, 1999
I have re-read through the post and found the link but cannot find the story.


Jul 18, 2000
Originally posted by: Mardeth
Originally posted by: shinerburke
Let me just repeat what I said in the original thread with this name....

That snippet should be required reading for all the naysayers out there that take every opportunity to dog on our men and women in the military. If what was described above does not show you the spirt of the American soldier then nothing will. They aren't there for fortune and glory. They aren't there to dominate and rule people. They aren't there to kill the innocent. They aren't there to fight for oil. They aren't there to create an American Empire. There are there, day in and day out in horrible conditions, facing possible death every minute to make the world a safer place and to ensure freedom. I'm truly moved to tears.....
Your soldiers arent any better than ours. Of course there are stories here and there but there are as mutch bad stories also but the problem is that your reporters that are with the troops arent usually allowed to talk about it. Its called propaganda and its seems to be working well.

If your youngsters are so great, why are they shooting each other? I could give up my call to home anytime of the day. Mentaly I dont need anyone, I like being alone a lot to some point. A pregnant wife or kids might change it but not that drastically that I couldnt survive without a call for 3 months.

Your youngsters are brought up to be like that. They arent sencire. If everything from their upbringing would be vanished and all that would matter was natural instinct, they would think of theirself. In US people seem to be dum enough to risk their lives just to be heros. It is stupid. It makes no sense. Just unneccesary victims. The guy on the bridge didnt probably do anything useful but still he risked his life. It isnt heroic, its dum. Heroic is something that comes from the heart not from the brain. There are as many heroic US citizens than there are anywhere else.

They know they will be called heroes for this. And the girl that was captured is a hero too. Did she do anything heroic? Probably not, just because she suffered she is a hero. Its not like she had a choice.
When I started reading your post I was going to respond with something well thought out, but after reading your entire post I have come to the conclusion you wouldn't understand it. Of course you will probably respond by telling me that I am dum and not sencire.


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Mar 25, 2000
Originally posted by: Wheezer
so you are saying the point of this war is to kill people?
umm well yes generally.
well at least you fess up to it then. i am geting tired of all these people that claim the goals are safety and freedom.