When does Star Wars come out on DVD?


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Feb 6, 2000
Episode 1 is coming out on Oct 16, dunno about the original trilogy though.
What DVDs to buy? Depends on what you want them for, I personally get DVDs for special effects and the 5.1 sound (ie ID4, Terminator 2) But I also like collecting Jackie Chan and Jet Li DVDs just because I like them.


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Apr 24, 2001
All Star Wars movies are already on bootleg DVD's... check the massive thread in the DVDtalk.com forum.

The obvious advantage of having these is that they are the original versions of the movies (no CGI Jabba in Ep. 4, Han shoots first in the tavern, no ring around Death Star when it explodes etc.)

These are real collector's items since Lucas has repeatedly declared that the only versions of the movies that he will put on DVD are the so-called "special editions".

For once, the pirates have done something useful!


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Mar 26, 2001

<< Episode 1 is coming out on Oct 16, dunno about the original trilogy though. >>

The original trilogy won't come out 'til you know where freezes over. Mr. Lucas wants to sit on them until the &quot;next best thing&quot; - High Definition DVDs? who knows? - comes out. AFAIK, no release date has been set.

As for Gowaldos' other question, I agree with Jaiknight; it all depends on what you want them for and what you like. I got my DVD player so that I could watch anime. Better picture and sound than VHS, they don't wear out,and DVDs are cheaper than VHS in the long run. Besides, you can get dubs and subs on the same disc, rather than having to either pick one or buy two tapes. I collect regular movies, too - T2, Diehard, Lethal Weapon, and Star Trek are just a few of the ones I plan to get - but the majority of my collection is and probably will continue to be anime.



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Nov 15, 1999
I was under the impression that he was waiting to release all of the star wars movies at the same time on DVD so it would be after episode 3. He wanted time to put together some good extras and make it worth while. But since he is releasing episode 1 on dvd, it shoots a big whole in that theory.