What's the best way to reinstall win2k after a hardware change?


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Oct 24, 1999
Hi usually I keep a ghost image of a clean install with all the necessary proggy. But recently my mobo died and I replaced it with an Asus started the pc , win2k started as usual detected some device and is working "almost" flawlessly...(Sometimes UT would crash). So I was wondering what would be the best way? A clean install then use NTBackup to restore the state?
What do you guys do?


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Oct 11, 1999
I've never had a problem doing that. W2k appears to handle hardware changes much better than win9x. One time I even forgot to first uninstall the old NIC in device manager, and w2k installed the new NIC and then politely asked which one I wanted to use, the old or the new. Change in video adapter can cause a problem if you don't first uninstall the old one.