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What's so great about Deus Ex?

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Dec 12, 2001
I think the themes presented are pretty good. Augmenting humanity with bio-enhancing technology has its consequences and moral issues. Being able to control people using this tech is one such consequence.

Anyway the game isn't that fantastic but I thought the way it allows you different play styles and the morality questions were pretty darn good 10 years ago.


Junior Member
Nov 18, 2012
It's on steam dd and it's highly rated.

I dunno, the game doesn't look all that appealing to me.

Like, I don't see how the game rewards "creativity" at all. All of the options are thought up beforehand by the map designer. Otherwise looks like a ho-hum shooter and a tediously slow stealth game.

What's so great about this game?
You are mistaken. All paths are NOT something the designers thought about beforehand. The world allows for sufficient freedom to even "break" the game. For example, you can reach areas that were not intended to be reached by stacking crates and climbing on them. The devs didn't think of all possible routes, they gave you the tools to create new routes that fit your playstyle, even if they are utterly bizarre.

If you are expecting impressive graphics and spectacular animations, then this is not the game for you. If you want a deeply immersive story, fleshed out characters, and intelligent gameplay (that encourages you to think before acting), then it is.