What would you have done in this situation? [To do with fighting]

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Jan 6, 2002
Originally posted by: Richdog
so what would you have done? the guy cannot get away with this EVERY week, he can't start on people by pushing them around, he can't breathe in my face and expect me to be cool with it. I could EASILY take this guy down in a second, i just don't know what the law says i can do. wait to get hit? that's risky, but aren't you allowed to defend yourself with force if you feel threatened? pre-emptive strike? I live in england so the law may be slightly different, but i think it's generally the same.

so if i had of hit the guy, could i have of broken the law, or would it have counted as defending myself. I'm thinknig next time he does it to pushed him over, but not hit him, as that's more reasonable force, but that may make him get up and take a swing in which case i'd kill him

Hmm when I read this i'm thinking you're full of it, and he'd of lamped you anyway. If you were as hard as you say you are, you'd have smacked him ages ago without stopping to worry about stupid little things like that. Call yourself English?:beer:[/quote]

i'm not full of it at all. i never get in fights, i just am thinking of the consequences, like that if i smacked him then the police could say "hello hello, you should have reported it". The town is under-policed as it is, i'm sure they wouldn't do nothing if i went into the police station and reported this guy.

i think next time he gets in my face i'll push him away really hard, if he comes back i'll floor him, if he comes close again, i'll hit him.

oh and believe me, we've tried to talk to him. we said that no one minds him hanging round as long as he doesnt start fights, but he said "i don't care what anyone thinks of me". so yea


Jun 5, 2000
British kids fighting.... now that is funny.

On a side note, i quickly learned in Germany not to get in a rumble with british soldiers, they wont quit until they are dead.

but seriously the pepper spray idea is a good one. just hose him down when he starts stuff.


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Jun 5, 2002
It sounds like he just wants some attention and this is the only way he knows how to get it. Maybe if you are nice to him he might quit acting like that. Treat him like he is a friend and he'll probably quit harassing everyone.