Question What would be the best way to make a network across carts in a cart train?


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Feb 11, 2022
I want to make a network work across carts in a cart train. Here is a schematic diagram that illustrates how I want to approach the problem. For now, we may assume that only one of the carts will be connected to the wider internet, and all the information (various cart-specific metrics) from rest of the carts has to be relayed to this master node.

What would be the best way of approaching this problem? If I use a client-AP model to connect two carriages wirelessly? But this would mean the same number of APs as the number of carriages, which sounds like a nightmare to connect and manage. Are there better network architecture hierarchies that I can deploy? I would like to use some modification/overlay on of 802.11 protocols, since I want use openly licensed bands.

Carts may get shuffled, so each time we have to determine and authenticate the adjacent cart, but that’s another problem.


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