What to expect after BF Vietnam?

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Jan 21, 2002
Originally posted by: Kev
it would also be cool if they made a star wars game based on a bf1942 type idea

There is a star wars mod called Galactic Conquest. Don't know how far along it is now. When I tried it, I think there were only 1 or 2 maps. Flying the tie fighters was pretty fun.

Originally posted by: PanzerIV
Shanti I look forward to blowing your Huey out of the sky very soon....so very soon.... :p

And I'll look forward to swooping down out of nowhere in my Phantom and dropping a couple heat seekers and a load of napalm on your T-54.:D

By the way,
"EA is pleased to announce that Battlefield Vietnam has officially gone gold for the PC. The game is set to ship nationwide to retailers under the EA GAMES brand on Monday, March 15."


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Oct 9, 1999
Originally posted by: Kev
I want to see battlefield 2042. WW3 - lasers, plasma guns, hovercrafts, teleporting, nukes, emp's you name it...

That's called UT2004, also gone gold and shipping about the same time as the g00k grinder. DIE VC SCUM!



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Apr 24, 2002
Originally posted by: Bootprint
BF 7 days war, or BF Guerilla War. I don't think BF falkland Islands would work.

I think the falklands would make for a few very cool maps, but not as a standalone game.

How about BF Small Wars, with the falklands and the other 80s/90s limited conflicts?


Aug 21, 2002
Battlefield Ghetto: Urban Street Gangs

- or -

Battlefield Special Operations: Unseen War ... it would take place starting at World War I and you'd go on secret missions to infiltrate the opposing side... then after 8 or 10 missions there, you'd do the same type of thing in a World War II setting... 8 or 10 more missions, then Vietnam... then Korea... then the Cold War... then Desert Storm... then maybe a final mission from Iraqi Freedom where you have to locate and rescue Jessica Lynch. Some vehicles that could be used...

WW I - British Rolls Royce armoured car, British mark IV tank, French FT 17 tank, Austro-Hungarian armoured train engine, German U-Boat, etc. etc. (see, they had vehicles in WWI :D )

WWII - Willys Jeep, Italian FIAT desert truck, German Horch 1a Recognisance, as well as some made up secret spy planes where you're required to take areal photographs and then maybe parachute into an area and infiltrate a small enemy base on your own

The rest of the wars have tons of vehicles that could be included... I don't need to list them... but maybe a special modified Hummer for a mission where you drive balls to the wall across an Iraqi desert where you dodge land mines and RPG's and make your way into a small village and have to crash the Hummer through a wall to get into a building and recover some secret documents or something, lol.


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Aug 3, 2001
Originally posted by: Hafen
Battlefield: Fallout

Never going to happen, but it would be an awesome game/mod. For the various kits you could have the different races. Eg., for a heavy infantry soldier (ala DC) you could have super mutants with a browning or a gatling. A ghoul could make a great sniper &/or engineer (w/ plasma rifle, sweet.:D.) A human could be the reg infantry/ medic classes, armed with smaller SMG/ auto shotguns. Instead of a crappy knife you could have a power fist (or even a cattle prod :p !) Make a BoS heavily-armoured, and give him a RPG and a small energy pistol to be the anti-tank class.

You couldn't quite do the huge array of vehicles, but you could have power armor suits replace tanks. The weakness to the super mutants is that they couldn't get in the power armor. The '57 chevy would be obligitory. Im sure the BoS had some other cool stuff you could find to drive/fly.

Yes, I have thought about this alot, why do you ask? :p

There is a fallout mod for bf1942. Never played it so I'm not sure how it is.


There was also a starcraft mod for bf1942, but blizzard asked them to stop. So they had to do a generic scifi mod.