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What PC game had the best cinematic in your opinion?

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Sep 6, 2005
I liked the Thief ones. The way they did the dark artwork I thought was really cool. kind of had the charcoal art going.
Feb 17, 2008
I personally think that cutscenes or cinematics that do not use the in game engine are crap and take away from the game and also are very misleading to some gamers new to the gaming community..

example.. they see this killer cinematic or this killer cut scene that is not rendered by the game engine. then. they buy that game. and they see the gameplay graphics engine is not even close to the cinematic or cutscene they saw. They are let down.. I can say I expected much more from many games.

go defeat Half life 2 episode 2.. if the end of the game doesnt move you and suprise you.. more than any other game you are not a true gamer..

also all of the half life 2 series has cut scenes rendered by the source game engine and not something that isnt even part of the game.

The Half Life 2 series is a cut above all the rest by far when concerning in game cut scenes.