What music are you listening to now?

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Jul 10, 2006
The Mynabirds - Youtube mix but especially the live version of "Generals" from Pickathon. The recorded version is meh but this version is awesome. The sexy chick with the nose ring (proving that no white girl can pull off a nose ring, but still pretty nice) singing in counterpoint has the purest, most soulful voice since Grace Slick. In the studio versions she can barely be heard.


EDIT: And also Ratdog.

And also the Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band.
Holy crap, the Reverend Peyton's a white dude. Did not know that.

And also Strung Like a Horse.
Hmm, the next Youtube number after that was a rather bad instrumental that seemed to go on forever. I flipped over to Youtube to jump to the next song (I'm using it as background music as I work) and found I was enjoying the video to a fourteen minute compilation of horses mating. Close up and personal. Doh! Thanks Youtube, now I'm probably on a freakin sex offender list somewhere.
Here's the next SLAH number. It has a belly dancer. A HUMAN belly dancer. Sheesh!
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