What music are you listening to now?

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May 11, 2008
Peter Fox - Haus am see

The caterpillar at 2:30 is hilarious... :biggrin:

Here I was born and go through the streets
I know the faces, every house and every store
I have to go, I know every dove by its name
Thumbs out I´m waiting for a glamorous woman with a fast car
the sun blinds me and everything is flying by
but the world behind me is minizing
but the world in front of me was made for me!
I know she´s waiting and I come to pick her up
I have the day on my side and I have downwind
a womans´choir at the side of the road who is singing for me
I´m leaning back and look into the deep blue
I close my eyes and just walk ahead

and at the end of the road there is a house at the lake
leaves of the orange tree are laying on the road
I have 20 kids, my woman is beautiful
everyone walks by and I never need to go outside

I´m looking for new country
with new roads, foreign faces, noone knows my name
everybody´s winning in the game with marked cards
to lose everything, God has a hard left catch
I bury treasures out of snow and sand
and women turn my world upside down (word by word it´s "women make me loose my mind")
but sometime I will get haunted by my luck
and come back with both pockets full of gold
I invite the old blokes and relatives
and everyone´s going to cry out of happiness
we barbecue, the mamas are cooking and we are drinking grog
and celebrate every night in a week

and the moon shines bright on my house at the lake
leaves of a orange tree are laying on the road
I have 20 kids and my woman is beautiful
everyone walks by and I don´t need to go outside

here I was born, here I´ll become buried
I have dumb ears, a white beard and sit in the garden
my 100 grandchildren are playing Cricked on the grass
if I think of it I can´t wait for it...


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Nov 30, 2004