What music are you listening to now?

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May 11, 2008
I really wish that all the old songs where the cd's are hard to buy and perhaps the masters discs or tapes are going to be thrown away or are already thrown away... Please place the music on BANDCAMP.
But as always there will be a manager in the music business, that claims that if they would do that meaning place forgotten music on BANDCAMP, they would lose a million a week in lost sales. :rolleyes:
Music like this is often not being pressed anymore and cd's become rare. Often you can only find these cd's or records in second hand shops.
Some will argue : Spotify. But what is wrong with just heaving the physical material. You know what i mean.

Sometimes when lucky we can find a love song collection 3 disc set or so in a second hand shop. But also becoming rare.

Deniece Williams - It's your conscience (1981)

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Feb 28, 2024
Jonas Blue - Mama ft. William Singe. I'm a fan of music, I can listen to it everywhere, and recently I saw distrokid, later I'm thinking of creating my own music, and I want many people to hear it there.
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