What music are you listening to now?

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May 11, 2008
Long ago, when the air was clean, my head was covered with hair and i was still, a wee little lad...

I had a huge crush on the female dancer in gold (MiT=(Moment in Time) = 1:08 ; 1:15 ; 2:16 ; 2:45), i was glued to the glass of the crt screen every time she would appear...
So much stress, no youtube. No pause. Evil older Kain always possessing the VHS for (N-rated) movies that shall not be named (joke, do not take that too seriously :wink:).
Similar as the sister of a friend of mine... Whenever Michael Jackson would appear, their mother would complain about the lipstick on the glass of the crt screen.

So much bliss, now :
Bumbu rum, some Coca Cola , 2 cubes of ice... And this clip :

The clip, it is on youtube now from Rebel MC. Best Christmas present evah !
More people should listen and not nag all the time...
Rebel MC - Better world.

As a side note :
I am trying to get my old little Amiga to work again .
But at the time the Atari ST was also very big with musicians for the simple reason it had midi ports standard. And the marvellous and for some everlasting Cubase program. CUbase is used to create musical compositions. It is sort of a digital version of the old papers...
We are talking 1990-ties here (Come at me grammah nazi ! :tearsofjoy:)
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