What Mobo / CPU combination for Radeon 32 Stability?


Senior member
Oct 6, 2000
What is a good stable ATX motherboard / CPU for the Radeon 32? I was all set to try the Abit KT7 with a Tbird 800, but it seems many Abit KA7 and KT7 owners are having lots of trouble. I still may try the KT7. I'm kind of looking for the best bang for the buck that will allow some overclocking too. I think at $150 the Radeon 32 is the best for the money, and would like to find the same in a motherboard. I want to consider the Intel cpu's too.

Thank you for any help. If you think I should put this in the mother board forum let me know. I just don't want to flood the place with my problems.. :)