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What is your reason for voting Obama this election?

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Jan 28, 2002
He's the most viable liberal candidate. I do wish he would push for more socialist programs though. Medical is not enough. We should have free higher education in this country. And his ties to Christianity annoy me.


Oct 17, 1999
Originally posted by: PC Surgeon
As the title states. Is it his war proposals? Financial? Change of mascot?
1. George W Bush
2. George W Bush
3. George W Bush
4. The Republican Party (Religious Right, incompetent government, Profit uber alles, etc)
5. The Republican Party
6. The Republican Party
7. The Economy
8. The Iraqi War (neo con foreign policy)
9. Gov. Palin. The prospect of her being president.

Mr Obama represents a much needed change in direction for the US.


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Aug 30, 2003
Im Planning on casting all 7 of my un-American Elitist votes for Obama because he is black and I am filled with White man guilt.


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Apr 7, 2005
He seems to want to put Buffett in charge of the bailout/treasury which is a good idea imo, will keep the supreme court from sliding even farther from center, and also sees war in a less romantic light then McCain does.


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Apr 17, 2004
A real end to Bush Admin policies. Tax, spending, and foreign policies. McCain will still be heavily influenced by Neo-Con philosophies that's been hurting the country for the past 8 years.


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May 14, 2004
Judicial System
Balance to the Supreme Court ... The repubs have appointed three Justices .. And im thinking that some of the more democratic minded members are looking for an out right about now.. but cant due to the present administration in power and the fact that they would be replaced with a conservative ... shifting the court more to the right. (Gee i miss Sandra Day O Connor)

Foreign Policy
Last Eight years have been a total abomination (especially the first four years). Although i have to applaud Condi's efforts as Sec of State especially in the final months.. I have a feeling She has been forced a bit to tow the neocon line by Rove and company when they were in the white house. Rove is gone.. now Cheney is left who is damaged goods i have a feeling Bolton/Bush are running the show now and you can tell with the way in which there is a marked change in their aggressiveness (or lack of it compared to earlier times). In the new administration our relations and world standing needs to be "right sided" I think Obama is the person best able to change the way people and governments perceive the US.

The war in Iraq was a farce and i completely agree with Obama on his proposals in regard to getting out.

Domestic Policy

Obama's tax plan helps me more (in my opinion) than Mccains
The one issue that i have not seen much of from both candidates which was what i think was the best of the Clinton era was (BALANCED BUDGETS). I think i would put a failing grade on both candidates for this
Social issues
I can never identify with a group that not only practices their values.. which is great ... but now wants enforce those said values unto everyone. If you dont like abortion ... fine .. don't do it.. that's your right not to ... The rest of us would like the option to choose.. especially under difficult circumstances ..

The Gay issue ..
I'm a moderate on that .. i do believe in making sure that they receive every right just as married couples do .. under the law (Legal civil union).. However ... the religious aspect of it ... each religion needs to come to their own consensus as to whether they allow it in their church or not since they are private entities anyway.

Health Policy
My thoughts
There should be 1 decent universal plan or if anything ... a respectable public health insurance floor that enures that you dont die from something that is treatable (especially long term chronic conditions) and also does not make you go bankrupt. If you want an enhanced plan with more benefits ...sure ... then let your employer pay for it .. or you can pay for it at a "reasonable and non burdensome price"

Mccains policy is a joke. I have yet to hear anything mentioned about Pre-existing conditions from his side. I dont want a check to go buy my own plan. Does he know how much my medical plan cost right about now?

Obamas health policy is not quite there but ill take it any day of the week.
Obama's domestic policies aligns more closely to my thinking at this time.

Other major items considered
Mccain of 2000 died when he embraced the Bush tax cuts ... and the war... from that point on he was one of them from my point of view which may me pretty pissed considering what they did to him in the primaries.
His age doesn't bother me... However his management style and judgment does.
He didn't run a positive change based campaign.
He pandered to the group that bit him which was so painful to watch. Especially during the primaries and shortly after wards.
He appears to get his feathers ruffled rather easily

Sarah Palin ... Sarah Who ?? ... This VP pick was a non starter from the Get go ... Joe Lieberman was also a non starter for me. I preferred Mitt Romney or even Tom Ridge
Continuing with Sarah Palin:
A. Scandal prone
B. No experience on national issues ..
C. Gimmicky
D. Negative and snarky ..
E. Not a Centrist

Obamas advantages in my opinion
A demonstrated Intellectual who seemed to have figured out that the world is varying shades of grey.
The abilty to effectively communicate with people (this is a critical component for foreign policy)
The abilty to "appear calm under pressure"
The ability to "multitask" (I did not view Mccain running to Washington for the credit crisis and threatening to pull out of the very first debate favorably)
The ability to surround himself with advisers who have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields.
The fact that the campaign for the most part has been positive ..not completely ... but mostly ..

Those are the above reasons ..



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Oct 9, 1999
Originally posted by: winnar111
Originally posted by: GTKeeper
Originally posted by: winnar111
Several people I know are voting for Obama for the handouts and free money.

Makes sense I guess.
I know several rich guys that voted bush for handouts which was free money.
Makes sense too. At least they contribute to society, though, and don't get the handouts merely for breathing.


Jan 4, 2001
He sucks marginally less than McCain.

I don't believe a word of the "hope for change" or the "omg we're the mavericks!!!!" BS that either side uses as their marketing gimmicks. If anyone was really going to change the way Washington worked, they wouldn't huge corporate handouts, and wouldn't have enough money to buy 95% of all TV commercial airtime in the US.



Jul 11, 2001
If I were in a swing state, Obama for certain would be my vote. Being in CA, I'm thinking Green. But I told someone (African-American, my dental hygienist) that I'd vote for whoever the Dems chose, so I'm now thinking honor, i.e. Obama/Biden. There's no way in the world I'd vote for McCain/Palin. The mere thought of her as president is repugnant. She's soooooooooooo unqualified. And McCain has lost it, and I'm not talking about the election, I'm talking about most of what's left of his mind. Not presidential material.

Originally posted by: Perknose
Originally posted by: sportage
Obama's new ad

new tv ad
As political TV ads go, that was a good 'un! :thumbsup:
I too approve of that message! Pretty good concise restatement of his policy.


Red Dawn

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Jun 4, 2001
Originally posted by: Muse

Originally posted by: Perknose
Originally posted by: sportage
Obama's new ad

new tv ad
As political TV ads go, that was a good 'un! :thumbsup:
I too approve of that message! Pretty good concise restatement of his policy.
Yeah compared to McCranky's and Moose Momma's attack ads of "Ayers..Arrgh!!!, Socialism...Arrgh!!, We're Mavericky..Arrgh!!"



Dec 28, 2004
1) He looks less evil than McCain.
2) He's a minority.
3) Socialism FTW.