What is the use of Dolby DICE?


Mar 27, 2002
Currently I'm using the digital output on my nForce 2 to connect to my Home Theater system. It gives me the option of using either Dolby Digital, via DICE, and just normal 5.1 sound. What's the difference? It sounds like there's less bass using DICE, but beyond that I can't tell anything. The receiver receives a PCM signal with normal 5.1, and of course Dolby Digital when using that. Wonder what the difference is?

I was just playing around with that because my front sounds in CS source are playing out the back as well, and vice versa. They're already set at 5 speakers.


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Oct 11, 1999
DICE with the nForce SoundStorm is a trade-off. It can compress multiple channels in real time and avoids the substandard DAC but cuts off some frequencies and can lag a bit. Without DICE, digital output can carry either pre-encoded DD/DTS surround or real-time PCM which is limited to stereo (can be matrixed for mock surround).