What is the best way to apply Tuniq Tower thermal paste on quad?


Oct 13, 2000
I'm buying a Tuniq Tower 120 cooler to cool my Intel Q6600 CPU. What kind of thermal paste is included with this cooler and what is the best way to apply it? I read the Artic Silver 5 instructions on quad processors and they say that the best way is to apply a thin line in the middle of the CPU and then apply the heatsink and turn it a couple of degrees clockwise and counterclockwise. Does this apply to the thermal paste that comes with the Tuniq Tower too?


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Apr 11, 2006
The Tuniq Tower 120 comes with 'Tuniq TX-1' PASTE...

I capped 'paste' because there IS a big difference between paste and grease!

Having said that, I *think* Tuniq TX-1 paste is the same thing as AC MX-1 paste, which is Shin Etsu G751 paste - and they are all excellent - just kinda hard to apply because they are paste, not grease!

The trick is to apply thermal compound as thinly as possible. While this is easy with grease, paste likes to roll around and ball-up on you.

What I do is wrap my finger with a plastic bag or plastic wrap, put a small amount of paste on the CPU/cooler surfaces, and 'work it in' until I have a thin, even layer on both. At first, the paste won't stick to these surfaces, but as your body heat warms up the paste it will start spreading evenly.

Just remember, a little bit of paste is better than too much!!! :D