What is Oblivion like...?

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Mar 9, 2000
Originally posted by: aCynic2
Originally posted by: apoppin

you are stuck on semantics

your ultra narrow "Role play" does not meet the gaming industry's definition of RPG

You know, before computers became mainstream, there was these things called board games, though the young might be spell it and consider it bored games.

There is also the tabletop games, that included RPGs and Napoleonics, the latter expanded into a whole array of tabletop war games using figurines you moved by hand. Even RPGs made use of manually moved figures. And guess what! They included these things called player's handbooks and game master guides, usually made of paper and it contained all the rules and guidelines for playing. And you won't believe this! You had had to keep record using a pencil and paper!

Those were some freaking fun assed times. People actually got together, filled a bowl with chips, drank beer, made it a total social event. I really do miss those days, but it's hard to go back when every one starts getting married and making babies.

In short, don't confuse the computer game industry with the game industry as a whole. Computer games are the subset, not the superset.

... and yet the title of this forum is PC gaming
- i am not confused about "RPG" and how it relates to Oblivion.


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Jun 6, 2007
Originally posted by: apoppin
Originally posted by: aCynic2
Originally posted by: apoppin
and some of this writing is top-notch fantasy adventure ... great stories to read

I don't agree. It's at best mediocre.

If you want to read really good fantasy, read Lieber or Dunsany. These are two names that helped make fantasy a viable genre, like Lovecraft helped make the modern horror story with the concept of monsters and alien incursions viable, Garcia-Marquez made magical realism a viable genre, etc.

first of all, did you read "the Real Berezeniah" ? ... there are 2 copies ... the "real" story and the false one. :p
-or even 1/4 of the many dozens of in-game books that add up to probably over 1,000 pages ... SOME of it is top notch

i KNOW good fantasy ... for over 40 years .. now tell me JRR Tolkien is not a good fantasy writer

Ahem, nearly every book in oblivion was imported from Morrowind and Daggerfall, hardly any new material was created. I agree the books ingame are awesome, but it's they are not an oblivion-specific thing. :( I totally agree with ielmox btw, Oblivion was a cockslap in the face of PC gamers.


Jun 3, 2003
NWN series is a linear RPG. Of course it can be modded to become more then the sum of it's parts.

Oblivion is a sand box type RPG. Of course it can be modded to become more then the sum of it's parts.

There are draw backs from being a linear RPG ( being to scripted and limited with choices in the plot and characters design ) and being a sandbox type RPG ( being to open and loose to the point that players lose their interest/focus on the main story ). It really depends on your style of gaming in the end.