What happened to my video?


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Apr 5, 2000
I was running an ATI AIW Radeon orginal. My TV app ran fine and windows media ran fine like expected. I bought the ATI AIW Radeon 8500dv and installed it.

Let me be more specific I uninstalled guide plus, MMC, DVD player and the drivers. I switched out the card and installed the latest drivers and wdm drivers downloaded from ati. I proceeded to install MMC that I also downloaded. Before installing I recieved a message that a windows media file needed to be downloaded before installing MMC. Well I research it a little and find this shouldn't be necessecary with winxp. So I install MMC then I try out the tv app. I get audio but no video. So I assume it has something to do with the video codec that said was necessecary earlier. I uninstall the MMC and pull out the cd and run the setup on the cd for the windows media codec then reinstall the MMC. After the reboots i try the tv app and it is working normally so I think all is well.

Well a couple of days ago I try to watch a video on the net when windows media player appears but there is no video. There is audio though. The screen where the video should be is a dark maroon color.

I don't use the tv very often but several times the past few days the tv app will fire up and have audio but has no video.

Very strange I assume it has something to do with new software. Anybody care to help me out? :(

I noticed that an email attachment in mpeg format now opens in ATI file player instead of windows media. Could this be the reason that mpeg links won't open either application WMP or MMC. Internet explorer just gives page cannot be displayed error.

Thanks for the help.

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