What does the future hold for the FPS genre?

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Jul 31, 2005
If we are wanting realism... VIRTUAL REALITY SUITS!

as for realism in games.... we should not only look out for weapon jams, sneezes (the enemy might hear you), but "no one move, I loast a contact!", and "ring ring...Hello.. Hi honey...Listen, can i call you back, i am inthe middle of a disabling a bom...(boom)", not to mention the inevitable "Before proceeding and getting to meet with the Boss, you must trick the workers in the building by filling out paperwork and filing in the right location, not to mention getting the correct signatures from the appropiate LEADs and managers..."

I have enough realism already. And a "LazerQuest" right around the corner from me. (laser tag facility).


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Nov 16, 2003
Personally I like realism within limits. Example bunny hopping is not realistic and thus ruins the immersion, and thus should be impossible. But I really dont want to have to tie my shoelaces when they become undone either!

But the main thing I want to see is more integration with the MMORPG genre. Fights that mean something. WWIIOnline attempted it about 5 years too early, Planetside was better but not a true FPS. Surely we have the bandwidth and technology to be thinking about truly permanent FPS worlds to fight over where 'rounds' don't exist and battles have consequences and permanent effects on the world.

Thats my Utopia ... a BF2 Gamplay/Graphical Quality MMORPG fighting over the whole of europe or something ;)


Jan 23, 2001
Originally posted by: BurnItDwn
Rocket Jumping .... WTF ever happened with that, in Quake and Quake 2, it was uber fun. More games need rocket jumping.
Also, The grappling hook from Quake CTF. More games need a grappling hook. It's way cooler then that silly translocater device that Unreal had.

So, in conclusion, I would like more grappling hooks and rocket jumping.

You stole my reply before I got in here. Seriously. I want rocket jumping back, I want bunny hopping back, I want faster movement speeds back, I want to see reloading gotten rid of, I want wall strafing back, I want grappling hooks back, I want crazy physics back.

Infact, I wouldn't mind some new stuff also, sort of like skiing in tribes, more movement concepts that actually require skill.

The number one thing I want to see in the FPS genre in the future is for competitive games to return to the market. Now this doesn't mean I want every game to be the same, but we have far too many identical FPS games right now, every single one of them having realistic slow movement traits. The end result is that you only need 1 or 2 of the most recent FPS games to enjoy any multiplayer from this generation, namely BF2 or CS.

As far as realistic single player goes, I'd like to see levels where the exits are not obvious. Where you might have to actually build something out of parts or blast your way through a wall. And when I say blast your way through a wall, I don't mean an obviously discolored wall, I mean any wall, your choice, possibly based on materials. IE, you have a rocket launcher and you know your rocket launcher can go through brick walls as long as they aren't steel reinforced / etc. So you can make movement plans based on that.

I want to see maps where objectives don't always go as planned, possibly sidetracking you and changing your entire primary objective. And I'm not talking, "the vent exploded, find another way through". I'm talking, "the guy you are tracking died, we have a new lead" and you move out to a completely new area.

I also want an FPS game that captures GTA. I want a base of operations and a city that I can move around in with an FPS view point. I think Mafia had a 1st person view, but I don't want the game car oriented. I want vehicles to just be transportation and the missions to be far more fleshed out. It would be like driving to the area of the City the covenant had taken over in HL2 instead of always being stuck inside it or arriving from a sewer. That way you could see scenery changes or rioting as you got closer to the event. Then you could also have chase sequences / etc, standard GTA fare that would really break the game up better than that odd boat sequence in HL2.



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Oct 15, 2005
Originally posted by: Jeff7
Then physical therapy afterwards...or if you jump off a high ledge, instead of losing 50% health, both legs are broekn, and you get to just sit there and die, instead of using a healthpack from inventory.
Ah, inventory, there's another thing. Show me someone who is able to run at full speed while toting along 10 weapons, a huge supply of medkits, some grenades, and ammo for said weapons. More like, walking slowly, dragging a huge sack behind the character - then want to switch guns? Hang on, it'll take me awhile to find it in the huge sack'o'guns.




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Apr 27, 2002
Originally posted by: VIAN
Originally posted by: lifeguard1999
How about decent storylines. :)
YES. Totally agree with you there. We can't have something like Quake4 and SW:RC happen more often. We need deeper stories and definitely varied environments, which should result of deeper story.

You mustnt have listened much when playing SW:RC :(

The storyline wasnt exactly strong or headslappingly obvious but it was good enough.

Separatists have been making droids for the jenosians, lets drop you in to assassinate some bloke and nuke the facility etc.

I agree in a certain way.... games these days have usually ok stories but they are told poorly or unfold in a rather spontaneous or imbalanced way. Freespace 1 and 2 are pretty generic in their storylines but they are told in an extremely good way with some generally unexpected plot twists. The plot, the fighter chatter, the variety of missions, the massiveness of space and the ships transformed a rather basic story + twists, into one of the greatest games of all time which still looks quite good today.

Its not an FPS I know but surely the FPS genre could take a leaf out of the book of other genres.


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Jan 18, 2001
Ah I was beaten to it. I want a convergence of GTA immersion with FPS gameplay. A sprawling world where there are so many side missions and goals that they don't even feel like game elements, just the environment.

One of GTA's weaknesses (and I like GTA) is that there are so many occasions where it is OBVIOUSLY a console game ported to PC. Like when you're changing clothes or ordering pizza. If the game flowed seamless like an FPS, with an FPS perspective but the environment of GTA, that would be near perfection.

Oh, and I really like the cinder block dust when you shot it in F.E.A.R. The end.


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Nov 29, 2004
I dunno if this is true or not, but i hear that today's software is 20 years behind our hardware technology.

If I made a list of all the games I would like to see improved, it would be mega long inolving everything everyone here has suggested here plus much more.

I defintely think reality SHOULD be improved in games, I mean isn't that the whole point, to simulate actual life? If you don't like reality then go play pacman or a fantasy RPG.

I think weapon jam ups would be cool, I like the idea of more stunt-involved gameplay and would also like to see less-linear gameplay.

And something that has to go is all the jumping, thats not realistic at all. Have the ghey bunny hoppers in BF2, and UT2k4 is mostly about noobing with the double jump. They got it down with Farcry, can't jump anymore when your sprint meter runs out.


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Jul 5, 2000
Originally posted by: warcrow
Originally posted by: platinumike

4) There was a game that came out a few years ago that had weapon jams in it. I dont recall what it was, but it was a FPS. I think it was a console shooter called Red Faction? I know its been done, but don't recall the game.

System Shock 2 might be the game you're thinking of. Your weapons could jam, and the only option was to either throw it away and find another one, or attempt to repair it if your skills were high enough and you had the correct parts to do so.


Mar 9, 2000
Originally posted by: TheUnk
Don't be a wank. The man said nothing about overheating weapons, or firing too fast. Just said "Very rarely, you're weapon will jam", making it sound like it would be a rare random occurance, which would be lame. Which brought me to my sneeze comment. Oh noes I got dust in my noes! >< Sneeze, misfire, foot blown off, 25% health lost. Good times.

And like overheating weapons could be something new for the future. BF1942 had this.

System Shock 2 - from '99 - has weapons that needed upkeep and failed [much too soon] :p

Only problem the interface got too complex . . . and ridiculous

if the OP's idea of "realism" is 'tedious' and 'mundane' - try the Sims [2] :Q

EDIT: I really like Chronicles of Riddick - it lends a new twist to the FPS . . . and when you are "hidden", the entire light changes . . . not some dumb "glow gem"


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Nov 28, 2001
As corporate publishers become increasingly successful at controlling the creative content of games, and increasing totalitarian governments dictate what behavior is accepted, violence in games will diminish.

In the last stages of the fps as we know it, the only acceptable role will be as a soldier or policeman for the state. In further stages of regression, those characters' actions will become increasingly administrative in nature until at some point we are paying a monthly subscription to sit in a virtual cubicle with white shirts and solid colored ties whilst transcribing data.

I could be wrong though ;)



Dec 5, 2000
20 years behind hardware? highly doubt it. if anything, hardware is behind software imo.
i have no hard afcts either way, its just how i see it.

the day i can get a neural network jack put into my head so i can play a game like i was actually in it is the day i am looking forward to. that and actual space flight for the masses. too bad i'll probably be dead or too old to enjoy it.