What does "aperature grill" mean? (thanks for all the previous help)


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Jan 29, 2002
To do a recap on my last post, yes I do no the Samsung is a 19" and am now looking for one 21" and one 19" . Was thinking the Samsung for the 19".

Now with aperature grill , does that mean It has those lines in the screen that I have heard of now. Or is it a lower end type of monitor say over the "shadow mask" type? I can't get everything for under the 600$ range and the Sony E540 MULTISCAN FD TRINITRON I can find for 542$ after shipping. The Samsung for 244$. So right now it will be, buy the Sony for the main game system and the Samsung for the (old ladies desk) other game PC. Does anyone recommend a different brand for the 21 or the 19? Remember they are the:

Sony E540 MULTISCAN FD TRINITRON 542$ after shipping

19in Samsung SyncMaster 955DF 25mm 244$ after shipping ( is there a better looking and better than 75hz at 1280x960 than this Samsung for the same price?)

Thanks again for all your help.


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Dec 27, 2001
Check the links to 19"ers in my thread here. I think you'll find the Hitachi may be better suited than the Samsung, but who knows? Also, there are some great viewsonic 19" monitors that you could get as cheap as that Samsung that I think look a little better. Mid-range monitors are so much easier to recommend because they vary more and there is a wider selection available for side by side comparison usually. It would be nice if I could put two high ends side by side.
As for your aperture grill question, taken from THG: CRT Guide:

<< In trying to evaluate a monitor's quality, most people will usually talk about dot pitch. In general, the lower the dot pitch (measured in millimeters), the better the monitor. The problem is that dot pitch can be measured in many different ways, and therefore doesn't necessarily mean much. Traditionally, a shadow mask CRT's dot pitch is the distance between two of the same-colored phosphor dots (measured diagonally from one scan line to the next). However, in an aperture grill CRT there are no dots (only stripes), so dot pitch (or more accurately, stripe pitch) - is measured horizontally, between two of the same-colored stripes. For marketing purposes, shadow mask manufacturers started quoting horizontal dot pitch, too. There are also a few companies that publish their mask pitch instead. However, since the mask is about 1/2" behind the phosphor surface of the screen, a .21mm mask pitch might actually translate into a .22mm phosphor dot pitch by the time the beam strikes the screen. Finally, because CRT tubes are nearly (but not completely) flat, the electron beam tends to spread out into an oval shape as it reaches the edges of the tube, so some manufacturers will spread the dot pitch wider toward the edges. Some manufacturers will publish two dot pitch measurements, one for the center of the screen, and the second for the outermost edges. >>

Aperture grills tend to give better color while shadowmasks give beter clarity.
Hope that helps.