What do you refer to as your "life"

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Feb 21, 2001
Aside from the daily rituals of work, I'd say...

spending time with my sibblings
spending time hanging out with the few frends I do have
spending time at the casino (yeah, bad I know) on poker, blackjack (rarely), or bacarrat (nice way to pick up your heart rate, lol )
spending time on my day off's at the gym (rarely nowadays) or at the pool hall
spending time away from home in general

I enjoy going on road trips, whether it'd be with someone or just by myself. It's pretty relaxing to know that I have that one whole week or two or week where I can just get away from everything that's happening in my life and just go out and explore. I love the west coast and the rockies so I like heading out there.

I'm single, in my late 20s, and can still afford to be irresponsible and just not care. If you're thinking financially irresponsible as well, well, you're right too. Last two times I headed down I was seriously at the end of the road financially and emotionally. Not to say I'm proud if it, but simply of the fact that I couldn't care less anymore. But yet I somehow managed to dig myself out of those two holes.

Speaking of which, I'm heading out to China tomorrow. I'm so stoked! ...and so broke, lol :p



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Apr 23, 2005
Originally posted by: anxi80
i work up one morning and decided i couldnt go on the american way. so i closed up my shop, sold my house and bought a ticket to the west coast. now i do a stand-up routine in l.a.
nice :p


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Apr 19, 2004
My life (right now) is looking for a job and spending time with the ones I love.

I try to fill my life with great people and positive things to make each day interesting. What happens from there is just a perk.