What are good specs for Athlon 1.4 System?


Aug 14, 2001
Here are my current specs for the computer I am about to build:

Athlon 1.4 (~$115)
Asus A7M266 (~$160)
40 Gig WD 7200 RPM HD ($103) (already purchased)
Samsung SyncMaster 955df monitor 19" (~$250)
Antec SX1030B (~$100)
Dell 9900ci CD\DVD combo (~$80) (already purchased)
3.5" floppy (~$15)
CD-rom drive (~$30)
Labtec speakers w/ Sub (not bad sound, free) (already purchased)
Soundblaster Live! soundcard (~$?) (what do you think?)
I don't know what video card. I need ideas for this.
I'm not going to be doing heavy gaming
MS Keyboard (Pro) /Mouse (optical) combo (~$25) (already purchased)
256 or 512 mb Crucial Ram (~?)

Any and all advice appreciated.
Thanks, RG


Diamond Member
Jan 7, 2001
I dont konw about the mobo but thats a good one, but there are others also so you might want to look into them. Make sure you like shadowmask you can get the compaq P900 cheaply. Sound Blaster Live! Dont even bother. Get a Santa Cruz, Game Theater or Acoustic edge Instead. Get Crucial ram, ram is so cheap and if you dont mind the few bucks get 512.