Well, now we know why congressional republicans are so devoted to Trump


Feb 1, 2008
CNN - Rep. Devin Nunes, Top Republican House Intelligence Committee

So, now we know exactly why so many house and senate republicans are so devoted to Donald Trump, and defend Donald Trump to their dying day regardless of the evidence.

When Gordon Sondland testified that EVERYONE WAS IN THE LOOP, Gordon Sondland really did mean E V E R Y O N E.
Apparently, now including the very same house republicans on the impeachment committee.
Isn't that a kick in the head.
I bet no one seen that one coming.

And that would explain why those like Devin Nunes and so many others are so resistant to accepting the facts of Donald Trump committing high crimes and misdemeanors.
Naturally, they would never acknowledge or admit something they too were involved in.
One has to wonder how deep this really goes?
Were republicans like Rep. Jim Jordan defending Donald Trump, or defending Devin Nunes?
This has become so shady and sinister it is hard to tell who is defending who?
Why then would those like Jim Jordan defend the high crimes and misdemeanors of Donald Trump unless those like Jordan were involved as well?

WTF is going on here...??? :eek:
Who The F... are these guys anyway?
Exactly now much money were these republicans making off this Ukraine deal?
Who exactly is on Vladimir Putin's payroll list, and how long is that list?
What did these Trumpie house republicans personally have to gain by digging up dirt on Joe Biden?
Was it loyalty to Donald Trump, or the Putin money?
And I ask the same of Donald Trump. Is it really Joe Biden or that Putin money?
It's always much much worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

And we thought that this was all about only one crook, crooked Donald Trump.
Now we know, as the plot thickens and thickens and thickens and thickens.
As I always say, if something looks a little fishy with hints of criminal activity, it turns out in the end to have been MUCH MUCH WORSE than anyone could have ever imagined.
It is always that way....
John Wayne Gacy did not kill only one kid, John Wayne Gacy had an entire crawl space full of dead bodies.
And Adolf Hitler did not exterminate only a few Jews, Adolf Hitler exterminated 6 million Jews.
And Jeffrey Dahmer did not just kill one or two young men, Jeffrey Dahmer ended up killing 17 young men.
Then, Jeffrey made lunch out of some of them.
Again, not only death but lunch afterwards.
Again... MUCH MUCH WORSE than anyone could have, etc etc.
So once again that would seem to be the case with Donald Trump.
The MUCH MUCH WORSE scenario.
That Donald Trump corruption involving EVERYONE.

As in the movie ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN when deep throat said to Bob Woodward "EVERYONE IS INVOLVED".
Now we know what is behind the mystery of Donald Trump and his staff refusing to testify, and behind the president ordering his staff not to testify, plus all the game playing involved with those republicans refusing to testify..... EVERYONE IS INVOLVED.
Proving much worse than we could have ever imagined.
As.... I predicted. ;)

Sorry for the repetition but sometimes you have to really DRILL IT IN.
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Jul 13, 2005
For once I agree with your assessment and I award you a huge thumbs up!!
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May 15, 2014
Because their constituencies have pledged undying allegiance to Trump, something akin to religious faith (like the Images of Trump and Jesus at r/The_Donald.

Once he expends his usefulness and they need to pivot they'll give him the Dubya treatment.
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