Weird problem with Samsung 225BW


Junior Member
Feb 9, 2005
Well I do not really know how to explain this but I am using a GF4 ti4600 and a samsung 225BW wide screen LCD via the DVI cable. For the most part the monitor works well and I have not noticed any dead or stuck pixels. But if I leave the computer on for a long time I get this problem which seems to only happen on my desk top back ground. I dont know what this problem is called it is like artifacts I guess. Some of the pixels in some small areas will display wrong as if they are stuck but some will pulse or blink. It tends to happen in little groups usually lines of pixels. It also tends to happen when the monitor goes off as I have set windows to turn off the monitor after 30 minutes of no use.

You can see a video here (2.6mb) although it is poor quality maybe it will be useful.

If I want to fix this I must turn the monitors power off then back on and it goes away. I wanted to know if it was a video card problem so I took a screen shot and pasted it into PSP. Now it gets weird. The artifacts were still there but they were not in the same spot on the screen shot as they were in the desktop. Hinting at it bing a panel problem. But if you moved the screen shot around the screen the artifacts moved as well staying in their relative position on the screen shot but they tended to display slightly different as you moved it around. Different pixels in the artifacts would blink sometimes it would seem to get smaller other time larger.

I figure someone has to have seen this before and can tell me what is causing the problem. And should I exchange the monitor or not.

Besides this problem sometimes when the monitor goes off and you move the mouse to get it back up it will not it will just sit blank or have a warning flashing on and off almost to fast to read saying signal is out of range. Once again if I turn the monitor off then on again it will work.

Also is there anyway this monitor can refresh faster then 60?