Weird monitor problem - solved (sort of)

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Junior Member
Jun 29, 2017
You should be able to find something nVidia in there and move it out so it doesn't reinstall. So, start the PC, let it install whatever it wants, move a folder starting with nv_disp out to desktop level and nothing else, don't delete it or rename, just move.


Senior member
Sep 2, 2000
OK, so I "solved" the problem but the solution doesn't make any sense either. I used a DVI to HDMI adapter to connect to the DVI out on the 970 to the HDMI in on the monitor (which doesn't have a DVI in), and used the HDMI out on the 970 to connect to the TV, hoping maybe if the computer was recognizing the second monitor I could manage to adjust the resolution if that was the problem. Well, I didn't need to - everything worked perfectly as soon as the connection to the TV was made! Why the hell the HDMI connection to the TV works just fine when there's a second monitor connected to the DVI out and not when there's just the TV connected alone, I have no idea. So, so strange.