Weird Display Error


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Jun 17, 2004
I recently replaced a broken gfx card with a Leadtek 7300 gt. Everything was working fine until I adjusted the resolution/color bit/refresh rate.

The problems are:

-Non-native resolution (I can tell from the blurry text it is not actually displaying 1440x900)

-Weird panning problem. Bare with me because this is difficult to describe. The screen does not actually display all resolution lines. It cuts off about an inch on one side. So for instance, when I want to see the clock in the taskbar I must move my cursor towards the edge of the screen and then the whole thing shifts to the right. But then when I want to clock the start button I must do the same button the opposite side.

This whole thing has been a complete nightmare for me. This is my dad's work computer so its kinda important and so far this is the third video card that has given us problems. I know its not the PSU because its actually a good one and nothing else is on the fritz.

Please help. I dont know whether this is a weird driver issue or another &#&$* broken card.


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Apr 8, 2005
What Nvidia driver are you currently using on that card?
The latest (and the worst) Nvidia driver to date gave me that same exact issue you've described e.g. blurry texts and screwy resolution plus shifting 1/6" on either side.
I bet it's the Nvidia driver that causes your problem.

Google the following text "nvidia driver 162.18" and you know exactly what I mean.

The Nvidiots need to get their SH^T together before too long or the AMD will kick its arse.

EDITED: The more I did a research on these issues around the net. The flat panel scaling issue seems to evolve around the 7XXX series cards only.