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Weird Android notification that occasionally flashes very fast and goes away

Red Squirrel

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May 24, 2003
Every now and then on my phone I will get a white notification that shows up in the top status bar on the left side, it stays for like not even a second so I don't have time to see what it is, but it is a bit concerning. Could this indicate that I'm hacked and it's something trying to do something? It looks like it's mostly circle in nature but it just happens too fast.

Also sometimes I'll get a notification (like a rectangle one on the main screen) that says "signal" and nothing else, but that one vanishes very fast too. I don't have the app called Signal but when I google this I just get stuff related to that... so it's hard to find what is going on.

Unfortunately they stopped doing security update or updating the OS for my phone a while back so I am probably vulnerable. I still get updates, but apparantly none of those are security updates because of how Android works. Phone is a DTEK50. Suppose to be the world's "most secure phone" but not when it stops getting updates... lol.

Based on the little info I have on this weird notification anyone happen to know what it could be, or a way I can find out? Is there some kind of log somewhere I can check perhaps?


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May 17, 2021
I also had the same experience in my Galaxy note 5, at first, I thought it was normal. Then it appeared again and vanished very fast, I went to the update section but didn’t see any new updates on it.