Webcam shopping help?


Mar 10, 2003
Was not sure if this should go under Peripherals or Video cameras instead, much apologies.

I am in the market for a webcam. I haven't used them in years so this may be a real silly question:

I need a motion sensor so it can be motion-activated.
I'm looking this for use as a basic security monitoring solution.
Do all webcams these days have motion-activation?

I was considering the Logitech C310...looks like I just missed a $15 deal on them though. Anyone used one of these before and what was your opinion?

Any other recommendations?

Thanks folks!


Senior member
Mar 21, 2001
I recently decided to get a webcam.. i decided to try the "dual core" model on ebay claims 160 f/s. i havent had any webcams before but i also bought a couple cheaper ones and there noticebly poorer quality than the one i speak of. it was $11.99 or 12.99 with free slow boat from China shipping. this cam is the only one that claims a "CCD" sensor the other state "CMOS" ? i think.
it seemed nearly as good as my 3MP digital cam. I liked it enough i bought another under a differnt ebay account.
they are very sensistive to indoor light. I dont know if thats built into the elctronics or the driver like auto-leveling etc.

that same seller banned me because i left bad feedback on their $5.99 "30M" model witch was THE crappiest 300k cam they could possibly find with a bad driver disc and the dirver they linked me too was not for this cam and a fraudulent description page they just copied off the good cam.