Web design critique

Mar 15, 2003
I'm about to redo this site - any suggestions before I take a sledgehammer to the thing? Be sure to check out the MORE PICTURES link- is everything easy to use, attractive, streamlined or should I rethink my approach? Thanks!

p.s. I'm a newbie so please be gentle!


Feb 12, 2001
I could barely see the "more pictures" link, as it's blue on blue.

Once I go to the "more pictures" page, I have a browser window thats 75% blue. There's a relatively small section in the middle with some pictures in it. For some reason I can't see all the pictures at once, I have to scroll through them. Why should I be scrolling when 3/4 of my browser window is empty? Fill up my window before you make me scroll.

Why do the "more pictures" link and the images on the front page go to two completely different galleries? Should you keep all the pics of the kid in the same place?

So, you have a website consisting of about 3 different pages of thumbnail images, each with a link to larger pictures. There is nothing else on the site except thumbnail iamges. Why is it on three different pages? Just put 40 images on the main page and link them each to the full sized version. You don't get any more straightforward an interface than that.