[WCC]Lake Crest Chip Aims At The DNN/AI Sector – 32 GB HBM2, 1 TB/s Bandwidth, 8 Tb/s Access Speeds

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Apr 27, 2000
It is an Altera FPGA: The Stratix 10 MX

Ah ha. The plot thickens.

I was reading this with one eye closed, because of some problem with it, and read at first sight: "It could have something to do with Moron."


End of off-top.

Sometimes those are the most insightful revelations! I am certain that a moron was involved somewhere. I deal with plenty of them on a daily basis, so the odds are pretty good.

Well, we keep hearing that Intel will use AMD graphics soon...perhaps AMD is the HBM2 connection?


I saw that story. My guess is "no" but then I could be wrong. Hans' comment about the Stratix 10 MX makes me think we see something else going on here.

No, not yet. But it might learn how to very soon ;)

We have AI that can beat Chess and Go masters. Soon they will be botting the hell out of your favorite FPS. And winning.