Want to do a mod using my CDRW


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Jun 12, 2003
Hi guys im not sure if this is the correct section to post.

I bought an external TDK 48x USB 2.0 drive(i bought external cause it will cost me 25 in the end) at any rate i want to put it on the inside. I will play around with it but want suggestions on how i should go about it.

Is there anyway to use the power from inside case?
Can i make it hot swappable?
are externals a regualer drive in an enclosure?

ideally i want to pretty much keep it as is, but make it hot swappable if possible, i was also thinking maybe i could have it come out the side or top, any suggestions would be great thanks


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Sep 25, 2001
Im not sure about newer exernal drivers, but i had a old SCSI 2x CDR a while back, external, but once all of the screws and the out casing was removed, it was just an Internal model with a power converter, so i took it out, and hooked it up to be SCSI controller, internally.