Question VLAN question on Sodola SL-2444SGMP-400 managed switch


Nov 3, 1999
I have set up 2 VLANS, both working fine. The fist VLAN is for my 15 cameras and the second one is for my 5 wired computers. The problem is that when I'm on any of the 5 computers I cannot connect to the managed switch gui to manage it. I am assuming I need to do something that "allows" a computer in a VLAN to get to the managed switch GUI but I haven't had any luck. My managed switch background is weak but I'm assuming such a setting/config change would be similar across mfg's switches. Anyone have any idea? PS, I have to move the cable to a port outside of the VLAN in order to manage the switch.


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Oct 25, 1999
VLAN is usually on a different IP subnet than the main Network.

So.. regular Network connection would not work. Try to put the VLAN IP into a Browser.



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Apr 13, 2010
I've seen only HP managed switches.

You have two subnets, CamLan for cameras and PCLan for computers. Without VLAN technology each subnet would have its own switch and router would have port for each subnet. (The router is in three subnets: WAN, PCLan, and CamLan in every setup.)

VLAN support allows "splitting" one physical switch into multiple virtual switches; one for each subnet.
Plain switch does not need any IP address, so it does not need to be "a member" of any subnet.
A managed switch has to have an IP address in at least one subnet, but it can have address in every subnet (VLAN).

Your switch appears to have three VLANs: PCLan, CamLan, and the "outside" -- the default VLAN, and only that last
appears to have an IP address. You have to look at the GUI. There hopefully is a way to add IP address on the PCLan subnet.

Ideally, DHCP server (on the router?) hands addresses to all the needy. Although, the switch probably has same MAC address on every VLAN, and a simple DHCP server might not be able to differentiate by MAC+VLANtag.

Once switch has IP address on the PCLan too, there is second question: does it allow access to GUI via other than one subnet? It might mark only one VLAN as "management". Still, if you can switch the access from "outside" to PCLan, then you are done.

Option B is to use the "default VLAN" as the PCLan. It has IP address and does allow access. The CamLan does not need access nor IP address.

A managed switch might be able to act as router between subnets (VLANs). Then it needs IP address for each subnet that it routes. However, you don't want that with your subnets.

In addition to being able to split physical switch into virtual pieces, the VLAN can "split" a wire into virtual wires. The separation is with VLAN tags; each packet on that wire has tag that devices on both ends use to direct it into correct subnet. Hence one needs only one wire between switch and the router (if the router supports VLANs) regardless of how many VLANs are in use.
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Nov 3, 1999
A user from another forum, who glanced through my manual, found the answer for me quickly. I needed to go to the Security/Management Access/Management VLAN and choose the VLAN group (computers) as the group to manage the switch. It worked!
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