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Virtual Networking


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Apr 24, 2018
I am wondering if it is possible to set up virtual network which is isolated from a standard wired network soI can network some virtual machines that I do not want to connect to the internet and do not want to connect to the normal wired LAN.
Eg. I have a number of computers running Fedora 27 (currently) as host in a standard wired LAN with a Router for connection to the internet. There is also one Windows 7 machine on the same network. All these use IP's starting with 192.168.xxx.xxx for example. I can exchange files between computers and get access to the internet.

On some of the machines I have used as host to set up virtual Machines running an early version of Windows (for reasons) I do not want to go into) .
What I would like to to is network the virtual windows machines on a virtual network say using IP address say 10.xxx.xxx.xxx. Can there be a virtual switch set up on one of the machines so where that can handle this. I have NO desire to connect the windows machines to the internet.
If so can someone point me in the right direction as to where I can find a How to?



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Apr 13, 2010
If all the members of the 10/y are running on top of the same host, then it should be trivial. You configure the virtualization platform on that Fedora host to form an isolated network.

If all the VM hosts are wired directly to the Router and the Router supports VLAN setup, then you would give the 192.168/z and the 10/y different VLAN tags and configure the Router and VM hosts to trunk the VLANs appropriately. Again, VM hosts should be set to not route between the subnets and the Router set to not route the 10/y out.

If the Router does not support VLAN's, then you would buy a managed network switch that does support VLANs. With that the switch would be set to never send 10/y traffic to the wire that leads to the Router.