VideoPlayback lag when full screen

Discussion in 'Highly Technical' started by NiceCold, Jan 20, 2013.

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    when playing videos on full screen using windows media, VLC and windows media classic it lag so hard. while not in full screen it is smoother but still a bit lag.

    same goes to streaming videos on youtube.... lag a tiny bit but when in full screen hardcore lag! unwatchable!

    i have uninstalled all codecs ive installed and install just k lite codec pack which reduce the lag efficiently, before i clean up codecs...... non-full screen also lag hard. after i clean 4,5 codecs pack from my system the non-full screen is watchable.

    i also tried taking off my graphic card and just use default monitor hole and still the same. how to fix this lag in video playback?
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    Can you give us some info of your computer. Please fill in signature. thx