Video Stuttering! HELP!!


Jul 11, 2002
For the past month or so my Radeon 8500 has been stuttering in games. It plays fine at full frame rate for about 10 seconds then stutters for 2 seconds and repeats this on and on. It happens in every game. I've tried many different things - bios update, FAST write on/off, new mobo drivers, and new and old video drivers...The one thing I did notice is that my videocard is sharing an IRQ with my USB controller; would this have anything to do with it? Is there any ways to fix this? It's really kinda annoying.

My Specs:
Athlon XP 1800+
ABIT nv7-133r
Radeon 8500 retail
80gb WD SE
Built in mcp nForce sound
windows xp home

thank you!


Elite Member
Feb 5, 2001
Yes it very well could be...disable the usb controller in device manager in windows and see if that helps...

Also could be caused by insufficient new driver installed cause by failure to completely remove all reminence of old drivers..ATI has a picky uninstall procedure that requires more then add/remove software in control often includes some hand work in the registry....