Video sound leveling


Jun 13, 2000
I have a training video that has some speakers with their audio level dropping too low. It seems to be a function of their webcam mics dropping out. Is there a way to normalize the audio level to try to make this better without re-recording?

This is a zoom cloud video that will be downloaded. We just had 2 speakers have this happen for some reason.


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Aug 11, 2001
What audio and video editors are you comfortable using?

Sure, open video with a video editor, save the audio track, open that with an audio editor, normalize, or just select the sections that need gain and apply it to those, save audio track, then use video editor to replace the old audio track with the new one. Depending on the nature of the dropouts, these may end up pretty noisy, sometimes that can be filtered out and sometimes not since it's being presented to others as a training video.

The particulars are things like whether the audio editor you want to use, supports the audio format. For example the other day I wanted to use Audacity to edit a track and found I needed ffmpeg library to work with an M4A (AAC) file.

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