Video editing/speech-to-text computer


Junior Member
Sep 11, 2002
I'm spec'ing a new computer for my small business. Although it is not my business focus, two principal requirements will be to edit Hi8mm video tapes and produce DVD output and to take digitally recorded interviews and turn them into text as part of a book project.

From a time/cost standpoint, I need to put together the most efficient system at a reasonable price. I've looked at Dell and HP. They have systems that come close, but they have features I don't want/need. I'm also not sure that their machines are robust enough to handle what I'm planning on doing. For example, I have licensed copies of Windows 2000 and Office that I can put on the new machine. I can't seem to talk Dell or HP into leaving those out of the bundle and adjust the price. Also, I'm a bit concerned about having enough capacity left to handle the business.

I would like to hear advice from anyone who has experience working with video editing and/or speech to text. What system configurations did you wind up with? What worked best? What didn't work? At this point, I'm thinking along the lines of a two CPU configuration >2GH, RAM >1GB, HD >100 GB, 128 graphics card. Any recommendations on specific H/W brands? Any recommendations on white box builders who have experience with this sort of application?

I'm a bit over my head mere and am concerned that I'll forget something. I sure appreciate your feedback. Bill