video card too fast for cpu?


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Jan 30, 2007
Having a minor annoyance that i think is that my new vid card is too fast for the cpu

I have asus P5B mb
Intel E6300 oc to 2.2
2gig ram
i have a silverstone ps that has plenty of power on the rail for the card.

i HAD a Geforce 7950gt that i recently replaced with a geforce 8800gts

with the old card the game(EQ2) ran fine but now since getting the new card i get
little pauses in the game as i move thru the world. I will be running thru the game and every 20 sec or so the screen freezes for a sec(pauses) then continues on.

it did not do that with the old card. and does not do it in other computer on a 2nd acct
which consists of a intel P4 3.0 2gig ram ..i removed the 6800gts and installed the "old"
7950gt. that computer runs the game with out pauses. i have tried adjusting the game settings and vid card settings so they the same on both machines but does not help.

I would think that the new card would be able to run game at higher vid settings.
so am i correct that the vid card is too fast? time for cpu upgrade then i guess :)


Nov 26, 2001
Stuttering effect. Can be caused by your hard drive thrashing.