VERY wierd networking bridging problem


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Oct 9, 1999
OK here is my problem... I recently replaced my Linksys router with a new SMC Barricade router. Problem is that the SMC unit doesn't have a uplink port. So what I did was make a standard crossover cable (wires 1&3/2&6) to bridge it to my switch. Now here is the funky part. For some reason when I connect the Barricade router to my switch it doesn't seem to work all that correctly. When I do a ping to the router from one of the machines connected to the other switch, most of the time I would get a "request timed out" but sometimes get a ping through (1 out of the 4 go usually goes through). Generally all I see on the ports on the router and switch is the link light flashing on and off very fast. This problem didn't appear on my old router so I was wondering if this is an isolated problem with the new router.

Now this is what makes it even more weird. If I connect the SMC router to my old linksys router's switch ports and then use the uplink on the linksys, it works FINE. Why is that? Anyone have any ideas?