Version control for mixed media project


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Jul 23, 2006
Me and a buddy are going to start doing some game programming. He's and art student and I'm a computer engineering student, so I'll do 99% of the programming and he's doing 99% of the art work.

Starting out were using a platform called "Unity" which provides a game engine and ability to publish to multiple platforms, with game logic handled using "C# Script" (they're terms... not sure if it's any different under the hood from C#, however the source code is the same as vanilla C#). The unity project itself will need to be a shared asset so I can connect programming logic to game objects and he can connect art assets to game objects. I'm considering using git for code and dropbox for art assets, however the unity project (shared) seems to be binary files so I'm not sure how well they'll handle versioning.

Anyone familiar with good ways to collaborate on a project like this?