UT Engine Problem


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Nov 23, 2001
Hey I am having problems running UT and other d3d games like deus ex in Winxp. When I start one of the games up the screen turns black and the game hangs. It never even gets to the menu. It will work if I use win98 but I don't have it installed right now. I have tried using the winxp compatibility thing with no luck. I am thinking it might have something to do with my video card, because I remember some other guy complaining that UT wouldn't work with his visiontek card in xp. Any clue what could be wrong? Oh, I forgot to mention this is a fresh install of xp.

My system specs are:
733mhz p3 on intel 820 mobo
256mb rdram
Visiontek gf3 ti200 (reg clocks)
ibm 60gb 60gxp
aureal vortex 8830 soundcard


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Nov 23, 2001
I forgot to mention I have used the 28.32 and the 23.11 drivers and neither of them made a diffrence.


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May 14, 2000
This may not help you at all, but I had the very same issue with UT once. I had forgotten I had set the sound hardware acceleration slider down one notch from full to clear up a slight issue with another game. UT acted the exact same way as yours under these conditions, set the slider back to full and it was fine. Again, this may not be of any help as it was a setting I had manually change to cause the problem in the first place. You could check yours and maybe try playing with the slider positioning, it may help, maybe not.


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Oct 25, 2001
I don't think it is a UT engine problem. I run it here without problems (see "my rig thingy")

did you try it with video configured to OpenGL?
are you patched to 436?
did you cuss wildly and wave your arms during install? :D

I recommend double-checking your sound card and video card driver installations.

PS: I notice you have Auriel sound.......... make sure you have XP compatible (latest) drivers and
try disabling 3D sound in the audio tab of UT configuration (just for troubleshooting, I think I remember
reading something about UT not liking A3D very much, but I'm not sure about this)


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Oct 9, 1999
Yeah, it's the Vortex sound card that?s giving you your problems. A friend of mine went through your exact scenario on his machine with UT. With the card in the system UT would refuse to function at all, with it out UT ran just fine. Try the latest drivers but since Aureal went under drivers have been a big problem for the Vortex, my friend wasn?t able to get UT working with the card in XP.


Aug 14, 2000
There's no problem with the UT engine in terms of getting system freezes and it's 99% likely to be a system configuration problem.

Make sure you have the latest BIOS and chipset drivers for your system, make sure you have enough juice from your power supply and make sure your temperatures aren't too high.

Also, you might like to try the new OpenGL renderer for UT that supports large textures although if this fixes your problem it's not really addressing the cause of it.


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Aug 1, 2001
Awesome guide/tweak for UT (don't know about other unreal engine games).

LINK or http://www.techspot.com/guides-gaming.shtml

I do believe it's the sound card/drivers. Troubleshoot by disabling the 3d hardware and get the latest hardware. Also, check the chipsets site to see if this is a known bug or solution. Good Luck and Happy Gaming..."HEAD SHOT!".