Question Using optane instead of ram - Build a budget pc cheap with high ram + pagefile usage

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Oct 14, 2003
So your "actively thrashing page count" (*) may not be as high as you think, and any decent SSD should handle that.
Of course this depends a lot on whether its using a lot of its page files or little. If its using a lot like the 2GB system I mentioned above, yes, an SSD is not enough, and Optane might help.

Then again, there's a difference of using it just for a pagefile versus replacing the disk entirely.

Ken g6

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Dec 11, 1999
Have you looked into ways to reduce Chrome's memory usage? There's various articles online, like this:

I'd also think an ad blocker would help a lot. I use something like NoScript (in my case, ScriptSafe) to limit scripts, but that can interfere with how sites work, so you might not want that.


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May 6, 2012
But the problem is when tabs will add up, chrome will again start its ridiculous pagefile usage game ! So need solution for this.
Well, the simplest and cheapest solution is reboot your computer more often.
^^What IntelUser2000 said.

Just closing chrome from time to time will also help. I think you can rig it so your last session is restored on restart, but I can't remember how to on the fly.

Consider an adblocker too. That improves the userfriendlyness of the internet by quite a lot all by itself. NoScript/SafeScript are good, but if you want something simple set-and-forget ublock origin is fine. The sheer amount of adds, 3rd party connections and scripts on an unfiltered browser session is both impressive and utterly terrifying.

There is one other thing you can try, but I'm not sure I should be recommending it. Setting your pagefile to a fixed size might help with ballooning size, but you'll run the risk of out-of-memory errors. Just make sure the size you set is large enough.