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May 4, 2000
The U.S. Navy Department of Defense Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC) on Monday announced plans to install its first supercomputer with a peak performance of over 10 petaflops (12.8 petaflops to be exact).
Packing 12.8 petaflops would qualify the supercomputer to be one the top 25 most powerful computers today. However, the Navy won't finish installation for this supercomputer until 2021, so it's ranking may end up being lower by then.
The new Cray supercomputer will feature 290,304 AMD Epyc 7002-series processor cores, 112 Nvidia Volta V100 GPUs, a 200 gigabit per second Cray Slingshot network interconnect, 590TB of memory and 14 petabytes of usable storage.
This might rival Markfw's fleet. ;)

Assuming they are using the 64-core variation of the CPU, that's 4,536 CPUs. o_O


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Sep 1, 2010
The navy is going to use the SC to run many instances of World of Warships to try and calculate every possible combat scenario that may exist at sea.

Either that or bragging rights vs China... either are believable
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Jul 25, 2001
Mark holds the #1 spot on TeamAnandTech on Folding@Home and anyone who's eyed the forums and/or participated with the project is likely to know that Mark has cancer, which is a huge drive for his donation to the project.

I honestly had no clue what he is going through. I'm on the forums all the time, but it's mostly in OT and occasionally the other forums. I spend more time in Reddit Homelabs and that is why I thought Mark was doing a homelab setup and not anything productive. There are so many people on Reddit doing jack, lol.

Either way, he is doing what is important to him and the community. I can't find any fault in that.