US Helicopter Reported Shot Down near Fallujah 12/9/2003


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Oct 13, 1999
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I had already put that in your previous Helicopter downing thread

Helicopters Down in Northern Iraq; at least 17 dead, RPG Attack Suspected

Looks like RPG downings are a regular part of SOP in Iraq now.

Yes, but it is confusing as hell with one post about a new incident at the bottom of an old thread... I personally am not fond of the large omnibus thread option.

Not if you updated the Thread Title to Helicopter downings in Iraq.

I know some people like the ATOT type of threads that dissapear into oblivion in a couple of hours.
I just don't think that is very fitting for important issues such as our Heros and Soldiers that are sacrificing their lives or other important issues that affect all of our lives. Just my opinion and all other opinions are of course still valid for now thanks to our Military Heros fighting for freedom.

Edit: Fortunately the pilot was able to "Auto-Rotate" the Copter down in a Controlled landing. No Injuries.