US Bars Iraq Contracts for Countries that Opposed War !

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Oct 10, 1999
Originally posted by: charrison
Originally posted by: sandorski
From your last quoted article:

Responding to the angry response from Germany, Canada and other U.S. allies, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the policy was "appropriate and reasonable."


Prime contracts for reconstruction funded by U.S. taxpayer dollars should go to the Iraqi people and those countries who are working with the United States on the difficult task of helping to build a free, democratic and prosperous Iraq," McClellan said.

So, what was it, were they greedily after $US Tax or were they complaing about something else? The clarification you are using to accuse them of Greed came after they complained.
I am not sure what there was to clarify, that 18B is US taxpayer money.
Yet, as Bush comments today clarified, other monies(not $US tax, raised by others not part of the Coalition) are also being doled out through Contracts. The confusion was that first France, Germany, Russia, and Canada(as well as others) were told no contracts would be available to them, they complained, then we have a clarification on the original comment that only $US funded contracts would be unavailable to them. So, the complaints from France, Germany, etc were not based upon Greed for $US Tax, they were based on being shutout of the process after many of them supplied money to the re-construction effort.


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Sep 21, 2002
its the obligation of these free countries to help support potential democracies, not withhold help, demand US tax money as entitlement, and hold debt over their heads that were built up through dealings with known murderous tyrants.:p