URGENT HELP!! Breaking up with girlfriend.

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Apr 7, 2005
"Yes, but you have an ethical responsibility to help anyone you have a reasonable belief will be in harm's way, madness-inflicted or otherwise. This feeling of duty will be much more intense if it is your very-recently ex-girlfirend. You know, the girl you just spent three years feeling protective towards?

This would be the source of guilt, at least for me. Not any sense of "oh, crap, I broke her." "

Been there, done that, have the mental scars from dealing with years of BS trying to deal with an unstable individual. IMHO, I'd express any concerns regarding her with her immediate family to give them the heads up on the situation. Then cut all ties and walk away.


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Feb 22, 2004
Originally posted by: Yax
When I tried to break up with a gf and she went psychotic on me like that, I just apologized, then continued effin her while cheating on her in an attempt to find someone better.

Eventually she caught on that I was cheatin on her so she broke it off with me. Its better when they dump you. ;)

yeah. another good way is to withhold the dick (this only works if the girl doesnt masturbate) and let her drive herself up the walls until she fcuks someone else. then you can slam the guilt in her face and walk off scot free :D